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Jaguar Links

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Yes here are some sites and eventually I hope to have many links here, if you know of any please e-mail me with them.

Australian Sites

I havent found to many sites in Australia but I know of some being developed at the moment which I will link to soon. Please give me links to your Australian pages, I am especially interested in any restoration projects, just e-mail them to me.

  • Information on the Jaguar Drivers Club Of Australia mostly of intrest to people wanting to find out about the club.
  • Vacant awaiting a link
  • Hey Aussies were are all you Jaguar enthusiasts?
  • Put your link here guys (to me that is non sexist) but I better say gals also just in case, I don't want to offend anyone.
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American Sites

The americans are as crazy about their jaguars as anyone else you will see lots of links here shortly but if you have some then of course e-mail them to me.

  • One of the best sites on the web, JagWeb includes links to the popular mailing lists for Jaguars and lots of links.
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English Sites

Some English sites yes there are many more and I will be adding the soon. (but if you know of any or have a site you want listed don't forget to let me know e-mail the link to me thanks.

  • The famous Vicarriage Jaguars if you have the money then you will buy one of these. You may have to wait
  • Looking for some Jaguar parts then Martin Robey may be able to help.
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Scandanavian Sites

This is an explanation of what the links in this category have in common.

  • Know of any sites please e-mail me so I can include them.
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Other Sites of Interest

As I find other sites of interest I will add them here. Of course if you know of any good sites please let me know. In particular restoration sites that may be useful to Jaguar enthusiasts and useful sites with information on products that we may use on our cats.


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