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This original MKII has had what appears to be a sad life and is in dire need of major metal surgery. I hope to return this machine to its former glory over the next year or so....

Restoration of Jaguar MK II 3.8 Auto


Project Overview

[Picture of car when Aquired]
I acquired the car in (date) with the view of....

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Engine Number:xxxxxxxxxx Chassis Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Transmission Number:xxxxxxxxx Date of Manufacture:xxxxxxxx

Cylinders 6
Displacement 3781 cc
Compression Ratio 8.0 to one
Power (SAE) 225 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Torque 240 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
Useable rpm Range 700-6000
Mileage 13-19mpg
Range 190-275
Wheelbase 107.4 in
Length 181
Suspension Coil F rigid axle, leaf springs R
Breaks Disks on four wheels
Weight 3600 lbs
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Project Aims

  • Restore to original condition using traditional methods, with the view of using the car regularly perhaps even daily.
  • Develop skills in panel work and further develop mechanical skills for personal enjoyment.
    The photo shows what my care should look like when the project is complete.
    If you only have a text browser you are missing a picture of a nice burgendy MKII Jaguar
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Body Restoration

Major work is to be carried out here including -

  • Outer Sill replacement.
  • Door skin rust repair.
  • lower guard rust repair.
  • whatever else I discover as I get into it.
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    Engine Rebuild

    I am not sure of the condition of the engine and rather fancy the idea of rebuilding, I will possibly be holding a workshop through the Local Mark II register.

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    Front Suspension

    A workshop held by the local MKII register gave me some tips on getting started on this one. ...............

    Rear Suspension

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